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Hi! I’m Chad, the founder and owner here at Firefly Outdoor & Marine. In 1993 my two friends and I built a custom stern light from a camouflage telescoping cane pole, we put the old reel oil bottle on top as a globe and it was awesome. Life happened and we found ourself living in different states and some stopped fishing.

Chad, owner of Firefly Outdoor and Marine

I always kept this invention in the back of my mind and as life moved forward many years later, I felt God was leading me to move forward with what I spent many years thinking about. After a lot of design and engineering we were able to build this new stern light. Is the first of its kind on the market. This stern light will truly change how you fish in the dark.

I have always been an avid fisherman, and have enjoyed God’s great outdoors and the many friends that have taught me so much about a sport that I love so much. I wanted to offer quality stern lights that fixed all the things we as fisherman dislike about the existing lights. The blinding light at eye level and bad bug problems. If we hadn’t done these things it would be just another stern light and there are enough of those. As a bonus, the light poles come in colors to match your boat.

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Send us pictures of your stern light on your boat or give us feedback, or send us an email and tell us a fishing story. We’ll post the best ones on our site.

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